As we clean out our closets, it is very important to even clean our Digital Marketing Strategy. This will enable us to have an agile marketing department that will have a clear vision of how to establish the company ahead. Here are some ways you can use to spring clean your digital marketing strategy.

Spring cleaning your digital marketing strategy

1. Focus on the Key Metrics

The digital marketing strategy must be guided by a certain set of goals and its key metrics. The goals of a company frequently change, there is quite a possibility that the goals of your company have also changed, since the last cleaning of your digital marketing strategy. Creating new goals that advance the business should be given priority and the ones that do not should be erased. It is essential to construct specific tight knitted goals instead of the ones that are too broad. Reflecting upon the work carried out in the past, the aim should be to double the outcome being practiced this time.

Attaining a set goal requires the inclusion of balanced timelines and calendars that prevent you from deviating. If there is a huge goal to be achieved like creating 20 blog posts, the correct approach would be to break the goal into smaller fragments, making it relatively easy to keep a check on your progress.

2. Collection of Digital Strategies

After your aim is locked, the next step is to ponder over the usage of tools and check if they are helping in the advancement of the existing goals. There is a crucial need to be aware of the platforms being used to spread a digital marketing message. The platforms include Content Marketing, Email marketing, Podcasts, Blogging, Social Media, Webinars, and live events. Spring cleaning is the right time to spend on market research and find an estimate of your research.

3. Strategies against Goals

Digital marketing strategies are usually easier to evaluate. Readers might follow links back to your site through regularly opened emails or they might not. Social Media presence on the other hand is a little hard to evaluate as getting more likes does not usually mean that sales are going well or that users are coming back to your website. The correct way to analyse your performance on social media is by focusing on three important factors- Reach, Clicks, and Emotional reaction.

Changing your marketing strategy

4. Change in Strategies

The essential focus of spring cleaning should be to establish everything as new. A few pointers to understand the shift made online is to keep in check the space of the audience, social media is a wide platform and Facebook may just be the degrading factor of attaining an outreach in a short time. 

The second factor of change in strategies is that video content is producing more shares as compared to images and text. 

The third factor being that customers have started to appreciate a personalized gest online and opportunities of personalization are provided on a silver platter in digital marketing.

5. Keep your competition in check

Post your spring clean-up for others to see!

Check for a competition and note down the changes you need to implement to exploit areas of investment that you might be unaware of.

It is recommended to practice these steps every few months, to be aware of the functioning of your digital marketing strategies. At Traction Haven, we consistently validate your digital marketing strategies and figure out which strategy to best use in the given situation. We follow the 3 Step lean methodology and shape your strategies around them.

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