What happens when you generated a lead from your Social Media Advertising and received their contact details? You either send them an email or call them directly to book an appointment. What if we sent them a Thank You email automatically that included a link for setting an appointment and while we’re at it send them an SMS as well with the same link. Various tools in the market can accomplish these tasks easily but here we are going to talk about a FREE automated pipeline, and you can apply it yourself.

Of course, we will be making use of certain FREE tools out there but let’s see as to how we can link the tools together to create this pipeline that will save you a lot of time! This is great when starting and testing out if your workflow suits your customer’s needs.

We’re assuming you have been generating leads using Facebook lead generation campaigns using Facebook’s lead forms.

Now let’s look at what do we need to complete our automated pipeline.

Once you have generated a lead from Facebook, let’s assume you have asked for their Full Name, Email, and Phone number. We would want to generate an email template such that no matter who comes in as a lead, we send the same email to them provided we change the email address including their Full Name when we address them in our emails.

Creating your Email template

An amazing tool for creating templates is beefree. It’s free to use and the best part about this tool is you get to download the HTML file along with the images associated with your email.

You can select templates based on industry filters! Their interface is very intuitive and gives you enough control to create beautiful emails. One thing to note however is that as much as we want to commercialize our emails, we should always keep that sense of authenticity that these are not automated emails. There are a ton of video tutorials on how to design your emails by beefree here.

Linking an Appointment Scheduler

Now let’s add an appointment scheduler to your email so that your leads can directly book slots for your services. To accomplish this, we will be using another amazing tool called Setmore. This is a free appointment scheduler that generates an appointment page for your services.

If you want to remove their branding from the links, you’ll need to get their Pro version that goes at 25 USD/month. You can also arrange your services in this platform and integrate with Facebook for display such that when a follower on Facebook clicks on your service, it takes them to your appointment page. Here is a tutorial to get started. This is what an appointment page looks like!

Now hop over to beefree and create a button in your email template and add the link to your Setmore appointment page there.

When your lead receives the email and clicks on that button, they will be directed to the appointment page.

This is what our Appointment button looked like and we linked it to our appointment page!

Just remember that the possibilities are endless. You might want them to download an eBook when they click the button or take them to your blog instead.

Hosting your Images

We will need to host our images somewhere so why not use WordPress or you could use Google Drive as well. If you have a website created using WordPress, just upload your images and get the links to those images. Over at beefree add the links to those images under the image fields. Create that email of yours and download the email. You will get an HTML file for you email along with the images you have used with all the links set up already.

Completing your automated pipeline

Alright, now it’s time to connect Facebook and our Email. To do this, we will be using an amazing tool called Integromat. Their FREE plan allows for 1000 operations and a data transfer of 100MB. This is more than enough to get started. We would highly recommend purchasing their BASIC plan that comes at only 9 USD/month. It is totally worth it!

Integromat works by allowing you to create scenarios and each scenario is triggered based on an arriving input that leads to some action. This is how to create a scenario. The idea is to generate a connection between Facebook and then to an Email module. Get started on the Email module here.

Now if you want to send the email to every lead that comes in, all you must do is set the ‘To’ field under the Email component to your leads email address. The image below shows what to add to the field.

 Under the email contents field, copy the contents of your HTML email file downloaded earlier using beefree and paste it there. Now it’s time to customize the Full Name within the email contents to pick the name coming from the leads. Here’s how to do it.

The platform has a bunch of templates already setup as well. If you want to collate all your leads into a Google spreadsheet, that can be done as well.

to conclude…

I think we have everything covered and all that remains is to quickly test out the scenario. To do this, we can use Facebook’s Lead Ads Testing Tool. Simply select your Facebook Page and your lead form and click create a lead. Once you do that you should already see your automated pipeline being played at the Integromat Scenario Dashboard.

We know it’s a little bit of a learning curve but there are tons of tutorials out there for the tools mentioned above and this is an automated pipeline set up with absolutely no budget. Every time a lead is generated on Facebook, the lead will get an email with your appointment link. On a final note, if you want to send them an SMS as well, we recommend using Integromat Twilio Integrations.

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