Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing if done right can help your business gain value and drive users towards your services organically. Post, Post, and Post! Share valuable tips, tricks, and trends with the world and build trust. Its time consuming for sure and you might be wondering investing so much time on something that might or might not have any leads is not a good idea. But I urge you to think again. In the short term, you are right but let’s look at your long-term goals. Do you want to increase your Brand Equity? Do you want people to know your business as soon as your name is mentioned? Do you want people to trust the services you provide? All these questions point out to Brand Awareness and you are not going to be building any awareness without spreading the word out there especially in today’s competitive digital landscape.

So, let’s review some of the tools out there that could help you create amazing designs for your content. Some do have a learning curve, but you can surely invest some time and pick up these tools.

#1 Adobe Spark

This application is a beauty! You can create some inspiring and impactful graphic designs for your content that includes photos, videos, and web pages. They provide a FREE starter plan. You can use the starter plan to pick from thousands of free images and icons and incorporate them into your designs. Their premium plans start at S$12.28/month. Just look at their feature list, it’s simply amazing.

Content Creation features provide by Adobe Spark

#2 Canva

This is a very popular trending tool out there in today’s digital market. What makes Canva great is its ease of use and its huge database of templates. They have templates for pretty much everything. You name it, they have it! You can create your templates from scratch and import your own fonts and color palates as well. Canva provides a FREE plan with which you can pretty much design anything. However, in order to gain access to over 4 million photos and elements and over 1000 fonts and other customizable features, you must surely get their premium plan that goes for S$13.55/month. A 30-day trial period is provided for their premium plan. So, go ahead and give them a shot!

Pricing Packages provided by Canva

#3 Pixlr

Pixlr is a great FREE tool for image editing on the go. They provide a great online platform to edit your photos and apply filters. If your content marketing strategy is heavily geared towards Instagram you’re surely going to be in love with this tool. It’s an efficient tool that can save you a ton of time in terms of editing pictures. The learning curve is not steep, and they provide a very intuitive user experience. And guess what, they provide 25GB of FREE Dropbox space for 6 months when you become a Pixlr customer. Their pro plan is currently going at S$6.80/month. Their FREE online editor is called Pixlr X.

User Interface of Pixlr Online Photo Editor

What is Content Curation?

Another aspect of Content Marketing is Content Curation. A great explanation provided by EContent, Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter.” So rather than creating new content, what you need to be doing is to find content within the vast pool of information out there on the internet and provide them to your viewers in a simplified and organized structure. So, what’s the point of doing this? Content Curation helps drive value and build trust among your users. Lets also not forget that a link of some sort to a valuable content out there could get your website or your blog some traction as well. Pinterest is one such social media platform that revolves around content curation. However, remember to always find a balance between curated content and your created content. Let’s now look at some of the amazing tools out there that can make your life curating content much easier.

#1 Scoop.It!

Scoop.it, as the name suggests, allows you to publish a page filled with curated content and share it with your marketing network. You can even embed a widget on your website that will provide your page visitors a daily dose of curated content. Their FREE plan allows you to make 50 scoops. But what makes their premium plans so demanding is the ability to integrate with Social Media and WordPress. Their pro plan starts at S$24.50/month and allows for unlimited scoops.

Scoop.it Home Page

#2 Feedly

What feedly allows you to do is subscribe to Blogs, Publications, Youtube channels and Tweets. You can organize and read content and if you would like to share with your user base, press the share button. Its as simple as that. Their basic FREE plan allows for up to 3 feeds. Their pro plans start at S$7.40/month that allows for unlimited feeds.

Content Curation features provided by Feedly

#3 pocket

Pocket allows you to save content and create your own space for reading them later. You can share your space with friends later. Pocket is more of a content storage platform for your own reading and knowledge but when combined with other content curation tools, it can be quite powerful. They provide a FREE plan as well but in order to permanently create a library of your content, its better to get a premium plan for S$6.80/month.

Pricing Packages provided by pocket

#4 pearltrees

Pearltrees is a platform that works like Scoop.It but they tend to provide a higher quality visual effect when it comes to their content viewing. They do provide a FREE trial account but if you’re looking at exploring their feeds without ads and want customization, you’ll want to go for their premium plans that start as low as S$4.00/month.  

Pricing Packages provided by Content Curation Platform: Pearltrees

There you go, a list of tools that you can try for free right away and get started on your content marketing journey. A suggestion from us would be to curate content from Feedly, store them using pocket and then organize and integrate them with Scoop.It into your website or Social Media. Google it and you will find exact steps on how to do the same.

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