What is BERT?

The introduction to Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) bought changes to Google’s search engine. A declaration was made by google stating that BERT is the biggest change that occurred in five years.

BERT was designed to help Google formulate a better understanding of complex search queries that are usually paired with large keywords. This function opens a fresh platform of opportunities where content can be optimized and made visible.

Before BERT, the search bar used to omit certain words that were mainly conjunctions and prepositions. As time passed Google realized that omitting certain words can change the entire meaning of the search. To solve this issue, Google established an algorithm to understand how words are related to each other and can be used separately with different meanings. 

For example, “flights from Paris to Singapore” have a completely different meaning than “flights from Singapore to Paris.” Before, Google could easily get confused between “From” and “to” but now the search engine caters to a wider spectrum and aims at providing an accurate search result by identifying each phrase as different from the other.

How to prepare a website for Google BERT?

Google search rankings are very important to owners of websites as to which it is extremely relevant to have a strong strategy ready. BERT is likely to impact the search rankings, the approach will not undergo a drastic shift. There are certain ways by which improved and high ranking can be attained.

Keywords should be simple

Mixing and joining keywords is an essential practice that consists of long phrases attached to smaller keywords.  As the analysis carried out for languages is enhanced, so is its abilities.

Information consisting of long keywords

BERT’s priority is to make long keywords extremely relevant when someone performs a Google search, they are not expecting important keywords but are looking for advice, questions, recipes, and direction. Google’s goal is to cater to longer queries and provide accurate results and thus long key words add as a benefit in the process of increasing search rankings.

Content for Informational Searches

Informational searches refer to generic queries that come under a broad topic. By learning and understanding language, BERT opened the door to answering questions in a precise manner. To boost SEO, it is essential to have content that caters to informational searches.

Stop words are used when relevant

As mentioned above, these are the words that were initially ignored by Google but now these words are taken into consideration to improve accuracy. Stop words now act as an advantage and makes the text seem natural instead of forced short phrases.

The AI capacity of google is rapidly expanding so that it can understand the exquisiteness of language. It is important to be sure of the techniques being used on your website as BERT is planning to substantiate the need for brilliant SEO practices.

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