Have you been struggling to reach out to the right audience with your Facebook Ads? Have you been getting leads that turn out to be spam or just fake accounts? Have you been burning your marketing dollars with little to no outcome at all?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above, continue reading as this post is going to share with you the techniques and tricks used to hit the right audience and get you qualified leads and optimizing your marketing budget.

We will be talking in terms of targeting in Singapore, but these ideas can be applied when targeting globally as well. There are various ways of targeting your Facebook Ads be it using Age, Gender, Location, Custom Audiences or Look A Like Audiences. But we’ll focus more on Detailed Targeting or Interest-Based Targeting in this post.

What is Interest Based Targeting?

Interest-Based Targeting allows you to target specific interest groups or behaviors that are predefined within Facebook. This is data collected from user accounts and what every user likes on Facebook. Now an interest group is not a Facebook Page and you may or may not find a specific interest group related to that Facebook Page. Let’s look at 3 tricks we adopt at Traction Haven to refine our detailed targeting.

Trick #1: You may have missed some hidden interest groups using the Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Let’s look at an example say we have created an ad for a newly launched condominium and we want to reach people that would be interested to view the show flat or purchase a unit. Let’s use our first keyword: “Real Estate”. This is what Facebook will show you when you type this keyword.

Example of Targeting: Traction Haven

Now once you click Suggestions, Facebook will show you appropriate interest keywords related to the one you just entered that, in this case, is “Real Estate”. Here is what Facebook would suggest.

Facebook Suggestions: Traction Haven

Facebook’s Ads Manager shows about 25-30 keywords at a time. You could be spending hours to search for most of the interest keywords related to your niche unless of course you have done prior market research and know which keywords you are ready to use.

However, using Facebook’s Marketing API and with a little bit of coding, you can get the complete list of interest groups that are related to your keyword. Let’s look at the list of “Real Estate” obtained from Facebook’s marketing API.

Trick #2:  Narrow your audience using multiple levels of targeting using Facebook’s Ads Manager

Let’s use a scenario such that I sell Indian Astrology Services in Singapore. Now I have a lead generation ad that I want to reach only Indians in Singapore. How will I do that as Facebook does not allow targeting via ethnicity or race? And in a diverse country such as Singapore, it is hard to reach a specific ethnic group.

The trick is to use multiple levels of targeting to narrow your audience. We want to reach Indians in Singapore that is interested in Astrology.

First Level of Targeting

Firstly, let us look at how to target an ethnic group in Singapore. The first level of your targeting will contain all those interest groups that your ethic group may like for example say in this case for Indians, we know that most would like the interest keyword, “Narendra Modi”. You can add another keyword, “Bollywood movies”. This is what our reach would with just these 2 keywords in Singapore. In Singapore, targeting an audience between ages 30 to 65+ yields a potential reach of 2.5 million. Using our first level of targeting we have now cut down to 500,000.

Audience Selection – Broad: Traction Haven

Second Level of Targeting

Now, we will use a second level of targeting to focus on Astrology. You can create multiple levels of targeting by clicking Narrow in the Ads Manager under Detailed Targeting. We know we most certainly will have Indians with our first level of targeting. Next, we will add the keywords “Astrology” and “Numerology”.  We have now defined our audience to 55,000 from 500,000. And we are confident that our ad will be reaching Indians that are interested in Astrology or Numerology.    

Audience Selection: Refined – Traction Haven

Trick #3: Target Audience based on Routine Interests

Routine interests include saying a celebrity that everyone knows or a Newspaper that everyone reads or a blockbuster local film that everyone preferred. To simplify things, we at Traction Haven create categories of interest keywords based on routine items and use the process of elimination to remove keywords that would not match our niche.

If I want to target Singaporeans in Singapore that love Investing. At Traction Haven, we will first do market research to find out the top trending page likes by Singaporeans on Facebook. We will then define our interests based on Newspaper, Celebrity, Movies, Magazines, TV Channels, etc. Once we are confident to target Singaporeans within our first level, we will narrow our audience to focus on Investing.

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