Irrespective of the industry you are in or the services you provide, the digital marketing trends are tough to ignore. The times of being reachable by a website and Facebook page are long gone, the rapid growth of the digital world makes it difficult to attain stability. Organizations in today’s time can only flourish with a strong online presence. Adapting to the changes and new technologies is the only way to survive in the market. 

#1 Facebook and its absence of usage among the youth

Facebook is no longer the dominating network in the world of social media. Facebook has had a massive shift in users based on age. According to a recent study, around 41% of users are above the age of 65. FB has lost its track record among the youth as they have eventually bent towards apps that offer a more interactive and visual experience like Instagram and Snapchat.

A person using Facebook on a laptop

Facebook’s downfall begins with the scandal that took place in 2018. Since then it has degraded in terms of credibility. People are becoming cynical towards the platform that offers a wide range of fake news and caters as a domain of public propaganda and cyberbullying. It is very important that digital marketers choose a suitable target market and do not solely rely on Facebook for their campaigns and promotion. Being on the ladder down as a trend among the younger generation, it becomes essential to look at platforms that have a larger outreach. It has come to be known as the social media platform for old people.

#2 Instagram is the turning point among the younger generation

The massive rise in Instagram users has already surpassed the 1 billion user mark. This gives us an indication that it is an evolving social media platform that is used by younger people, mostly below the age of 30. A recent case that has popped up recently in many countries that Instagram is being tested to function without the feature of likes. Many influencers and companies have vocalized their concerns about this as the absence of likes would lead to a severe drop in marketing and a sense of validation. This being said, marketers should have a close look at the impact it might cause in 2020 and beyond. This change might have its perks but its largely operating on a risky territory due to the habitual existence of the Like feature.


Instagram user on his mobile phone

#3 Chatbots as the new model for Customer Service

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software (AI). Its function is to communicate with users and help them solve their issues. The interaction between Chatbots and humans takes place through the method of text chat windows and sometimes even verbal interactions. With time, the server captures information and data figures which in turn helps the AI to gain more knowledge about the customer. There are many benefits of the usage of chatbots which is why many businesses are starting to adopt it. It is a 24-hour service that responses instantly to queries made by customers and is already functioning on shopping websites like Amazon. Check out ManyChat to get your hands dirty!

Chat Bubble in a pink background

There are many digital marketing trends that we can look at and the conclusion derived would be the same, that in today’s fast-moving world the prominent trends are the ones that will lift a business up. The trends being – AI, interactive and engaging content, voice search, and videos. Making the experience of the customer enjoyable and satisfactory should be the end goal. Make sure to check out other articles at our Traction Blog.

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