Instagram allows users to add one link to their bio that lay just below the page description. But did you know there is a way to direct users to multiple links within Instagram? An answer is an amazing tool called linktree. Let’s look at what this tool has to offer for their various plansLinktree provides a FREE basic plan that lets you get unlimited links on your Linktree account. You can get basic reporting features such as the total number of times each link has been clicked or knowing the lifetime views. The only feature they do not include under the basic free plan is to have your brand logo on the link page. Their pro plan, however, that goes at USD 6/month provides you the ability to do that and much more including adding thumbnails to your links. Look at their Pro Plan as the list of features included is endless compared to their basic plan. Here is an amazing article by Social Media Examiner that provides you a step by step guide on how to integrate linktree to your Instagram account.

Once you have your links set up on your linktree dashboard you can copy your linktree URL and use it as your Instagram bio link. When your users click that link, another panel with multiple links will pop up. This is how it looks when a follower goes and clicks on Traction Haven’s Instagram page bio link:

You can direct your users to separate blog content or send them to an appointment scheduler. The Basic plan allows for unlimited links.

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