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With information spreading at a rapid pace, every business is facing competition in ranking their pages higher up on Search Engines. While the big players are increasing the cost of keywords by bidding higher prices, its time to take a step back and audit your pages and be creative about how you can leverage the free and paid tools out there in the market that can step up your SEO game. The first thing we’d encourage every small business to do is to get a website if you haven’t got one setup already. A free tool that can help you decide on a domain name as well as look for keywords to include in your content is Ubersuggest.

How does this tool help in SEO?

This is an amazing tool provided by Neil Patel that helps you get keyword ideas and understand which keywords are hard to compete. Let’s look at the keyword fashion and see what information this tool gives us.

You can clearly see the monthly search volume for this keyword. But the interesting aspect of this tool is the fact that it provides you with 2 important stats, the SEO difficulty and the Paid difficulty.

The SEO difficulty gauges your organic search reach potential while the other is focused on Paid Search. The higher the numbers, the more competitive is the keyword. These values alone help you judge whether it would be worth to invest time and effort on that keyword or switch to a less difficult keyword. Now let’s see what else this tool has to offer.

Keyword and Backlink Analysis

The tool provides you keyword ideas. How awesome is that? There were 579 keyword ideas generated and each keyword is marked with your SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, Volume and the Cost per Click. Just when you think this tool has provided you enough.

You get Backlink ideas as well! You could use these backlinks in your blog articles to get a ton of Traction. You can visit those links to gather more ideas as well and see what backlinks those articles are using. The tool provides you an idea of the reach on Facebook and Pinterest for the respective links as well. So, if you’re just getting started at writing content for your website or your blog, this is a great tool to refer to as getting the right keywords in the beginning can save you time and investment in the long run.

Let’s say you have been in the SEO game for a while now and looking to make use of Paid tools in the Market that can help you focus more on your business and worry less on your page traction.

Here are 3 Awesome Tools for the same and each has their area of expertise.

#1 Moz Pro

This is an All in One SEO tool. We can so far as to say that this is the BEST All in One tool SEO Tool out there in the market. Their solutions include Keyword Research, backlinks, rank tracking and much more. This tool is great at suggesting you with new trending keywords. We would suggest going for Moz Pro when you have been in the SEO game and have established your business and now looking to take growth to the next level. Their lowest offering is at 99 USD/month and they do provide a FREE 30-Day Trial to get a feel of their platform and start getting your hands dirty.  


Another great tool for SEO but what makes this tool stand out is their Market and Competitor Research feature. SEMrush provides you the ability to find new areas for growth, you can track your competitor website’s traffic and gathering data when you are prospecting your leads. They provide a FREE trial and their lowest offering called Pro comes at 99.95 USD/month. This tool is trusted by some of the big names such as eBay, HP, Booking.com and BNP Paribas.

#3 ahrefs

Lastly, another amazing tool for SEO due to the sheer size of its backlink database. This platform is very well the second largest database of backlinks out there after Google. They provide High-Quality Backlinks apart from the usual SEO features. “The Ahrefs team takes great pride in collecting, processing and storing large amounts of data for search marketing professionals.” They hold 9.9 billion keywords across 10 search engines and 171 countries. Their Backlinks as of today stands at 16.4 trillion. Their lowest offering is like the ones mentioned above at 99 USD/month for their Lite version. They do not provide a FREE trial, but you can start a 7-day trial for 7 USD. Trusted by Adobe, LinkedIn, Netflix, eBay, Shopify , and TripAdvisor.

On a concluding note, get your hands dirty with Ubersuggest and once you have your business established, it would be a good time to move to one of these tools to step up your SEO game! Also we are always here to help you in your journey.

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