A good marketing plan to obtain and effectively close digital leads when looked upon from a higher level should include 3 stages; The stage for building traction, the stage of enticing and finally the stage of closing.

3 Stages of Leads Conversion
Image by: Ryan, Traction Haven Team

Traction Stage: This is stage is responsible for building awareness. We don’t expect consumers to purchase your product or services just yet. This stage is purely for letting people know you exist. The advertisement is geared towards a Website views, Page views or sending people to a landing page that describes your products or services. This stage may or may not include an incentive.

Entice Stage: This stage is a one image or one video advertisement specific to a product or service that is targeted to your audience that we gathered from the Traction stage. Facebook allows you to build custom or look alike audiences. Its also important to provide an incentive at this stage such as a Free consultation, Free eBook, Free webinar etc. The leads are generated as people sign up to get your incentive.

Close Stage: This is the stage we advertise specifically to your leads gathered earlier to buy a specific product or service. At this stage the ads are targeted to leads that engaged with your incentive and has built up knowledge on your company’s offerings.

There you go, follow this and you shall see how quickly you can entice your customers to trust your offerings and convert into qualified digital leads quickly. At Traction Haven, we mix this high-level plan with our retargeting process to filter your leads that are ready to purchase your offering.

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